1272 modele można było zobaczyć na 13 Inowrocławskim Konkursie Modelarskim 27-28 kwietnia 2019
10 sierpnia 2019 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
Rok 2018 ISMR otrzymał 152 wyróżnienia, 42 puchary i nagrody specjalne za swoje modele
13-15 września 2019 PRZECISZÓW - XIX Ogólnopolski Konkurs Modeli Kartonowych
Oszczędzając pracę żony, jedz gotowe makarony !
10 sierpnia 2019 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
7-8 września 2019 ŁASK - IX Festiwal Modeli Redukcyjnych
Rok 2018 ISMR - otrzymał 152 wyróżnienia, 42 puchary i nagrody specjalne za swoje modele
Nie pij wódki, nie pij wina, sklej model, casu nima
5-6 października 2019 SZCZECIN - IX Szczeciński Festiwal Modelarski "Paprykarz 2016"

11 Inowrocławski Konkurs Modelarski 2017



11. Inowroclavian Scale Modelers Contest

Benedykt Kempski's Memorial

As part of this event, there'll take place:
- Inowroclavian Scale Modelers Contest,
- Paper Models Festival,
- Plastic Models Festival.

Inowroclavian Scale Modelers Contest will take place at april 22th-23rd 2017.

Location of 11. ISMC:
Sports and Entertainment Hall "Kujawianka" at III L.O. im. Królowej Jadwigi
ul. Narutowicza 53, 88-100 Inowrocław

- Inowrocławskie Stowarzyszenie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych,
- Sklep Modelarski Hobby.

ISMC festivals are for both individual and associated modelers from country and abroad.
Models will be registered in two categories: paper and plastic.
One modeler can register unlimited amount of models, but only best model in particular class can be awarded.
Each class will be judged, no matter the amount of registered models is.
ISMR members can't  apply for festival judgement, but they can register their models as exhibits.
Models awarded in previous inowroclavian contests can't be registered for judgement.
There is no admission charge.

11. ISCM festivals will be divided into three main categories: Youth / Junior / Senior.
Youth - born after 2004.
Junior - born in between 2001-2004.
Senior - born before 2001.
Models will be judged by "like, don't like" method.
Judge committee will grant three equal awards. In case of higher or lower amount of models deserving to be awarded, the number of awards can be changed with the consent of Chief Judge.
Judge committee decisions are definitive and not to be argued with.
Organizer accept fusing or splitting classes if amount of registered models makes that possibility.
Applying for 11. ISCM is equal with accepting contest regulations.
Contestant delivers models on his own cost.
Organizer won't insure models and contestants.
Organizer is not providing food and accommodation.
If to participate, contestant is obliged to fill the registration form.
Registration form will be available online at www.ismr.pl from march 15th to april 20th 2017.
Registration forms will also be available on-site on april 22nd.

Special awards provided by the Organizer:
- Senior category Plastic Models GRAND PRIX,
- Junior category Plastic Models GRAND PRIX,
- Senior category Paper Models GRAND PRIX,
- Junior category Paper Models GRAND PRIX,
- Modelers GRAND PRIX,

Other special awards:
- Special Award "For making the Shopkeeper delightful" from Sklep Modelarski Hobby Inowrocław,
- 5-10-15 Award - 5% discount for every contestant; 10% discount for awarded contestants; 15% discount for Contest Finalists in Sklep Modelarski Hobby Inowrocław or www.hobby-modelarski.pl. Discount is to be hold until july 31th 2017. Discounts are not to combine.

Schedule of 11. ISMC

9:00 AM -1:30 PM - models registration and opening of 11. ISMC
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM A trip to the Museum of the Army in Bydgoszcz
2:30 PM - 7:00 PM - Judge Committee work time.

6:30 PM - modelers integration
8:00 PM - Galaxy Football Championship

9:00 AM -1:30 PM - open exhibition for visitors
1:30 PM - results announcement
approx. 2:30 PM - closing of 11. ISMC

dodano: 2016-10-22
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